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Cruises overbooked, holidays cancelled

A P&O spokeswoman denied revealing how many bookings have been cancelled.

Cruises overbooked, holidays cancelled

The delay in the lifting capacity limitations made hundreds of holidaymakers should cancel their domestic cruises. P&O Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, and MSC Cruises are among the firms that plethora of 1,000 people limits in bookings.

Cruises overbooked, holidays cancelled

The managements hope the rule would be eased from Monday. However, the UK Prime Minister decided to delay all Covid restrictions for up to four weeks. It means the limitation still the same.

A rule mention that Ships operating domestic cruises are only permitted to transport up to 1,000 passengers, or 50% of their capacity if that is below.

Reaction from cruises passengers

Kyle Hadden was due to cruise with his partner and a friend recovering from chemotherapy treatment on July 4. Sadly, their trip was cancelled despite them already being told in and allowed a cabin.

He said that he didn’t see the logic while they had everything. “All the paperwork printed. Then they cancel it. It doesn’t make sense,” added him.

Another passenger accused the company of being “misleading” by not revealing quantity bookings it was allowed. A loyal P&O customer for more than 12 years said the firm should have either stayed with the limitation or told guests their bookings were “at-risk” of being eliminated.

Cruises offer compensation

A P&O spokeswoman denied revealing how many bookings have been cancelled. She even asked many guests reserved on Britannia’s early UK sailings to change their holiday dates.

Affected customers are being suggested the option of getting a full refund or credit for a later sailing worth 125% of the cost of their booking. The spokeswoman added: “We are so sorry for these guests and do hope they will be able to enjoy a holiday with us later in the summer.”

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