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Boris Johnson: The end of Covid restrictions

One of Covid restrictions like work from home is ended.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson announced that Plan B measured to ensure the spread of Covid is under control will be expired. He affirmed that some rules about wearing face masks and the use of Covid passport would be settled.

Boris Johnson: The end of Covid restrictions

The UK Prime Minister mentioned across the UK had a booster vaccine in the age of over 60-s of more than 90 per cent to cover them. On the other hand, scientists acknowledged the peaked of the Omicron wave had passed.

One of Covid restrictions like work from home is ended

Starting from Thursday, people will not elongate to work from home and the required Covid certification will finish.

“Organisations can decide to use the NHS Covid pass voluntarily. However, we will finish the mandatory use of Covid safety certification in England,” Mr Johnson stated.

Not only that, but Mr Johnson added the government will also additionally lessen limitations on visiting care homes. He also mentioned that Health Secretary Sajid Javid will develop additional details in the future days.

However, people should still self isolate if they test positive for Covid. The period of isolation was shortened to five days and delivered they can have two negative tests.

The details about some Covid restrictions enforced

Mr Johnson did mention a time when they will clear the legal requirement to isolate altogether. So, the announcement includes starting from today WFH guidance dropped, from tomorrow face masks in schools dropped while face masks in the wider community dropped from next Thursday, also Covid passports no longer needed from next Thursday

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