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How to throw a sinker?

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How to grip and throw the ball
The sinker is a fairly easy pitch to learn and due to the fact that there is little to no twisting of the wrist as in the curve or swing ball you have less chance of injury. The sinker will also help to reduce chances of shoulder injuries to your rotator cuff but can still hit the high speeds of 90 to 95 miles per hour.

So, to start learning how to throw a sinker grab your ball and glove and put into practice what you are about to read in the following instructions:

Place your index and middle finger on the horseshoe of the baseball. Your fingers should be across from each other and in a U shape.

Place your ring and little finger to the side of the ball ,barely touching the ball.

As you throw the ball you should attempt to snap your wrist down towards the ground whilst ensuring you don’t break at the wrist. Also make sure as you do this keep pushing with your middle and index fingers.

If you ensure your middle and index fingers stay on the ball you will throw a sinker.
Tips for the throw
The lower you throw the ball in the strike zone the deeper the ball will sink.

The faster your arm speed the more the ball will break, especially if you flick your wrist it helps with the drop.

When you throw the ball, make sure that you throw it down the middle.

Just make sure you throw over the top or else the pitch will have more of a slider look to it.

This is an effective way of keeping the ball on the ground especially if you can keep the ball down in the strike zone.

Do not throw this pitch high, or else it will not sink.

Always make sure you feel the ball roll off your middle and index finger.

The ideal spot to throw a sinker is low and a little inside. Do that by aiming at the batter’s waist and throw the usual sinker as instructed.

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