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Audi rs5

Audi RS 5 promo video

24 April, 2020
Here’s another video of the Audi RS 5 coupe, this time complete with funky music and commentary. Audi has produced some not-so-interesting cars over the years, but it would be difficult to deny that the RS 5 is the hot…

Audi RS5 leaked pics

1 April, 2020
A brochure for the Audi RS5 has leaked official pics of the model prior to its 2010 Geneva Motor Show presentation. The Audi RS5 is the extreme sports version of the A5 coupé, put together by the Quattro GmbH division.…

Audi RS5 official pics: Geneva show preview

29 March, 2020
Here are the official pics of the Audi RS5, whose debut will take place at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Audi has released the photos after a brochure leaked the first RS5 pics. The vehicle will be equipped with a…