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Marco Melandri Indianapolis crash pics

25 April, 2020
This incredible pics show Marco Melandri’s flying crash at Indianapolis. With a frame-by-frame look at the crash, it will never cease to amaze me how these guys can just sit up and then walk away. The pics come from our…

Video: crash at more than 300km/h

13 April, 2020
Jason Mc Vicar of Vancouver experienced a terrible crash in his pursuit of a world speed record. He crashed with his Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 when he was trying to set a new record for the fastest production bike ever. Luckily…

Motorcycling: the pitfalls of buying a heavy bike

7 April, 2020
This is a ridiculous video of a motorcycle that crashes in the middle of a bicycle race. The crash happens right at the beginning and the rest of the video is of cyclists, drivers and other team members who, unpeturbed,…

Pastrana in rally crash: "are you alive?!"

5 April, 2020
You know how we were saying that Travis Pastrana needs all the extra lives he can get? Well here’s proof in this amazing rally crash Pastrana had a few years ago in Colorado. Maybe he should stick to freestyling, cars…

Video: MotoGP crashes

30 March, 2020
As the MotoGP rounds up for this season, we give you this amusing video of some of the best slides and crashes from the MotoGP. As long as a rider isn’t seriously hurt, these provide some entertainment (it’s Monday after…