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Crime in italy

Rome's task force against art vandals

24 April, 2020
Touring Rome is more than enough for us to realise the historical and cultural patrimony of the city, but what we don’t always realise is how much Rome’s monuments and artworks are the subject of vandalism. Now, in the height…

Tourist carves name into Colosseum

13 April, 2020
Many of the stereotypes associated with chaotic Italians living in a messy Italy need to reviewed, as the locals often, in fact, demonstrate great organisation and pride in their country. This is one instance where indignation on the part of…

The Amana Knox Story live pics from set

31 March, 2020
It’s almost eery seeing these pics for how similar they are to the court case surrounding the death of Meredith Kercher. Meredith was killed on November 1st 2007 in Perugia and since then her flatmate, student from the US Amanda…

Thief steals 600 euros in coins from Trevi Fountain

24 March, 2020
I would never have had said that stealing coins from the Trevi Fountain could be as lucrative as this, but Roberto Cercelletta, our crime in Italy profile for this week, managed a full 600 euros before he was arrested. Cercelletta…

The Amanda Knox Story: the film

23 March, 2020
A film on the Amanda Knox case in Italy is being made, directed by Robert Dornhelm and starring Hayden Panettiere as Amanda and Paolo Romio who will play her boyfriend and suspected accomplice, Raffaele Sollecito. The case of the murder…

Italian show girl's stalker sentenced to nine months

20 March, 2020
Italy’s most popular show girl Michelle Hunziker should be feeling safer, after her stalker has been sentenced to nine months’ jail for sending threatening letters. Hunziker was subject to various unpleasant communication, among which was a letter with a shaving…
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