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The Amanda Knox Story: the film

A film on the Amanda Knox case in Italy is being made, directed by Robert Dornhelm and starring Hayden Panettiere as Amanda and Paolo Romio who will play her boyfriend and suspected accomplice, Raffaele Sollecito.
The case of the murder of Meredith Kercher has become famous in Italy, and this piece of Italian cinema will certainly stir up even more interest in the mysterious story.

This particular crime in Italy has already been the subject of much media attention, documentaries and talk shows.
The film title, The Amanda Knox Story indicates that the storyline will mostly be about the young American student accused of the murder, and not Meredith, the British girl killed.
At this stage we expect a relatively factual take on the story and subsequent court case (still ongoing), without any moral judgement or suggestions as to the guilt or innocence of the protagonists.
That’s not to say it won’t be controversial, though and we’ll have more on how the film develops as it comes.

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