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Cristina del basso

Cristina del Basso sexy calendar: full gallery of hot pics

17 April, 2020
This is the full 12-month gallery of Cristina del Basso’s calendar, Italy’s most famous boob job ever. The former Big Brother housemate has done a sizzling hot calendar (you seriously don’t know how hot till you’ve seen these pics) where…

Cristina Del Basso's sexy calendar: pics and backstage

15 April, 2020
These are the pics you have been waiting for !! Hot Italian woman, Cristina del Basso’s sexy calendar will be released next Friday with Panorama Magazine but you can now take an exclusive look at the first pics available on…

Cristina Del Basso millionaire boyfriend Fabrizio Politi

29 March, 2020
A few days ago the Italian magazine Chi reported that former Italian Big bother housemate Cristina Del Basso was seeing Fabrizio Politi, a yacht-company owner, famous for his affairs with young and sexy showgirls working on Italian television. Now, after…

Cristina Dal Basso photo gallery

25 March, 2020
Cristina Del Basso, one of the new Big Brother housemates, has set Italy abuzz with rumours about her big boobs. Someone even compared her to Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren, two larger than life Italian movie stars who in the…

Italian lingerie and Francesca Fioretti

19 March, 2020
From Italy’s Big Brother season nine, came Cristina del Basso whose boobs nearly stole the show. But not so for Francesca Fioretti, fellow housemate, who has also seen a modelling career blossum after the most famous program on Italian television…

Cristina del Basso becomes an Italian VIP

18 March, 2020
I’ve recently been reading Beppe Severgnini’s second book on the English language: L’inglese nuove lezioni semiserie. Many of his observations on how Italians use English are not only funny but also very accurate, one of them being the Italian language…

Cristina Del Basso reveals love life with Fabrizio Politi

15 March, 2020
Cristina del Basso, current Italian showgirl and former Big Brother housemate, has revealed in an interview some aspects of her love life with Italian entrepreneur and former boyfriend of Geri Halliwell, Fabrizio Politi. Cristina says:“When being intimate, I call my…

Daniela Martani, the Italian air stewardess turned showgirl

14 March, 2020
Air stewardess Daniela Martani made headlines all over the country when Alitalia, Italy’s largest airline, risking bankruptcy, started to lay off its workers; she was snapped at Fiumicino Airport holding a noose and railing against the carrier! Her popularity got…