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Ecological motorcycles

ElectroCat custom-built by Eva Hakansson

23 April, 2020
To overcome the crisis in the motorcycle market while saving the planet, the guys at Ecoblog.it have suggested this ElectroCat custom built electric motorcycle as an environmentally friendly motorcycle when anti-pollution laws are on everyone’s minds.The ElectroCat was designed by…

Eicma 2008: Piaggio MP3 Hybrid

22 April, 2020
Piaggio has presented its new MP3 Hybrid at the motorcycle show, Eicma, in Milan. This is a special motorcycle equipped with a hybrid system, destined for the urban motorcycle market. With plenty of development and research going into alternative and…

Eicma 2008: Peugeot hybrid scooter prototype, Hymotion 3

15 April, 2020
In these pics you can see the hybrid, three-wheel scooter presented by Peugeot at the Eicma show. Models such as these could become a new alternative in urban, ecological vehicles.The main characteristic of this scooter is the all-wheel drive on…

Motoczysz E1 PC tests before TTXGP

15 April, 2020
Here we can see the zero-emission bike, Motoczysz E1 PC in action on the Portland circuit in the US, filmed testing before the TTXGP. We already reported on the evolution of the Motoczysz C1 Contender to electric technology.The bike looks…

Quantya EVO-1 Strada: ecological off road vehicles

31 March, 2020
The Swiss company Quantya produces an off-road electric vehicle called Track. Destined for track use only, this model now has an heir in the Strada.This little gem is now available for city use, and the company has decided to equip…

Electric Motorsport: Zero Emission bikes

20 March, 2020
After our news about the electric KTM bike, we introduce another manufacturer of electric bikes. Electric Motorsport is building bikes without exhaust and without gas which means no emissions. They are noiseless, low maintenance bikes, with no oil changes and…