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Federica pellegrini

Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini sexy for A magazine

13 April, 2020
Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini who after quarrelling with her coach left Italy for France (here lives her boyfriend Philippe Lucas, Laure Manaudou’s ex) poses sexy and beautiful, like a real super model, for French magazine A. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Federica Pellegrini celebrates 21st birthday in Naples

30 March, 2020
Federica Pellegrini celebrates her 21st birthday on holiday in Naples after the tough competition at Rome’s world swimming championships. Pellegrini won two gold medals at the championships in another successful appearance.She has appeared in these pics with her cute Italian…

Federica Pellegrini: I will never talk about it again

28 March, 2020
Just a few days before leaving for Bejing and the Olympic Games, Federica Pellegrini confessed to Vanity Fair that one of her wildest sexual fantasies was to make love to her boyfriend in the locker room while wearing high stilettos.…

Italian Olympians bare almost all

27 March, 2020
This gallery of Italian Olympians I’m sure will make many mouths water; in fact some of these pictures show gorgeous athletes in their sexy swimsuits; gods and goddesses with rippling muscles and the sweetest dreams of glory in their eyes…

Who is Federica Pellegrini: Italy's hottest sports stars

24 March, 2020
Italy’s hot athlete Federica Pellegrini posed naked for Vanity Fair, but who is Federica? Controversy over Federica talking about her sexual fantasies in the media has also plagued the swimmer, who is a strong personality among Italian sports stars.Federica Pellegrini…

Miss Italy's new diamond crown

20 March, 2020
In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the beauty contest Miss Italia, the jewel brand Milua created a 18-carat gold eight-point crown featuring a lovely flower design and set with 3,080 natural diamonds which weigh 135 carat. Built to…