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Best Household Plants to Grow to Purify the Air at Home

15 February, 2020
Most people would never say that, yet the substances most dangerous to health are inside our homes. How can we avoid contact with indoor sources of pollution? As well as being careful when buying furniture, preferring eco-friendly detergents and natural…

Simple DIY Projects to Perfume Your Home in a Natural Way

12 February, 2020
Having a scented home can help you create a unique atmosphere. However, you don’t have to resort to industrial environment perfumers, which often contain chemicals that are both polluting and harmful to health. Fortunately, it is possible to perfume your…

3 Toxic Substances That You Can Find Inside Your House

11 February, 2020
Every day we use products that are dangerous to our health at home, perhaps without knowing it. Among the most toxic substances to which we are exposed on a daily basis are certainly chemical detergents, ammonia and pesticides. The greatest…