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Homemade pasta

Italian recipes from Puglia: pasta with turnip tops

25 April, 2020
This recipe from Puglia is easy to prepare and has a couple of variants depending on the area where it’s made. Today we give you the classic, traditional recipe though everyone has their own version. The best pasta to use…

Homemade pasta: recipe from Umbria, Italy

15 April, 2020
Believe me, homemade pasta is worth every effort, and you should always seek out the ‘house’ pasta in restaurants where you know they make it themselves, because there’s nothing more disappointing than paying money in a restaurant to eat Barilla.…

How to make homemade lasagna: video

7 April, 2020
This video shows us the recipe for homemade lasagne - something which I tried to do on Friday and I’m happy to say I followed the recipe roughly (without knowing it) and turned out a nice lasagne. This recipe includes…