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Boutique shopping in Rome: 500 types of pasta at Pastateca

It’s true that you can do just about anything with pasta, but I would never have said there were 500 types of pasta in the world.
But if you’re shopping in Rome and exploring its boutique stores, you might find yourself at Pastateca – a pasta shop in the centre of Rome where you can find all kinds of homemade pasta.

It would make for a perfect pasta night with friends.
While you can find the classic types of pasta and types from Italy’s rich regional cuisine, there are also aromatic kinds of pasta and some weird shapes too.
If you want gluten-free or organic pasta, this is the place to come – meaning you can still indugle in Italy’s national dish.

Try the small rose-petal pappardelle or red chilli linguine, or even balsamic vinegar-flavoured tagliatelle.
The shop has its own online search engine where you can play around before being assaulted in-store by all the different types.
See the Pastateca search engine here.

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