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Italian recipes: rigatoni pasta with artichoke and sausage

This Italian recipe for rigatoni pasta with sausage and artichokes is delicious and easy to prepare.
Here’s what you need:350 g rigatoni; 120 g ricotta; ½ cup milk; 200 g artichokes; 2 sausages; 1 glass of white wine; 1 garlic clove; extra virgin oil; salt.

In a bowl mix milk and ricotta and beat them until soft and creamy.

In the meanwhile place the chopped the sausage in a little oil, add the white wine and cook for a few minutes.
Next put the chopped artichokes in a pan, add the garlic and a glass of water and cook until it has evaporated.

Pour the milk and ricotta in another pan, throw in the chopped artichokes and sausage and then stir in the cooked rigatoni.
Stir for a few minutes and serve.

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