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How to make carbonara

Of all the famous sauces you can put on pasta in Italy, today we look at Carbonara.
While the traditional recipe doesn’t involve cream, in Italy every mother, grandmother and house wife has her own recipe.
Pasta alla carbonara is a home-style dish from Rome, famous for the simplicity of the ingredients used, and its intense and sometimes spicy flavour.

Our experts over on Gustoblog are traditionalists: for them only Roman carbonara exists.
Everything else doesn’t count.
Carbonara requires guanciale, or fried bacon (from pig’s cheeks), and a sauce made of egg yolk added after serving the pasta.
This is important because otherwise the egg cooks too much in the pan and loses its creamy texture.

The dish is then abundantly covered with pecorino and pepper.
The quality of the recipe lies in the balance between the sweetness of the egg, the succulence of the bacon and the spicy pepper.
In the video you can see a nice example of how to prepare this typical dish.
Carbonara is simple enough for anyone to prepare.
We give you this second video, made at home and not in a restaurant kitchen.

As you can hear from the accent of the person speaking, they are Italian.
The ingredients are simple, the process quick and you don’t need a whole lot of stove experience.
So, in the hope we’ve convinced you, we wish you Buon Appetito!

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