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Tasty pasta recipes: spinach and ricotta with beef and tomato

This yummy pasta recipe is made with meat, cream and tomato sauce, with some added ricotta.
Ricotta is such a versatile milk product; it can be sweet or savoury and used in everything from ricotta cakes to salads and more.

This recipe requires: 200 grams of bow-tie pasta (farfalle), 400 grams of spinach, a small onion, parlsey, minced beef, cream, 100 grams of ricotta, nutmeg, tomato pulp, two eggs, salt and pepper.

For a little touch of taste to the spinach, keep some grated parmesan cheese aside, too.

Fry the onion with a little butter, add the minced beef and the parsley, sprinkle with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
With the meat is cooked, add the cream and the tomato pulp in equal amounts.
Boil the pasta, and in the meantime prepare the spinach by boiling.
Chop the spinach or put it in a food mixer, adding the eggs, some more nutmeg, salt and the parmesan cheese.
Mix the spinach in with the rest of the sauce, drain the pasta and add some chopped ricotta when serving.

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