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Culatello : the finest ham in the world

Today we talk about Culatello of Zibello and the annual fair dedicated to this delicious product from Parma and nearby towns such as Zibello and Fidenza.
It comes from the leg of an adult hog and it’s usually aged for eleven months and it’s a product that carries a certificate of authority.

The legend has it that the Medieval chronicler Bonaventura Angeli in his History of Parma wrote at length about Culatello, though if you delve into his chronicles you find no trace of it, so someone must have made it up, but after all this is the way legends are usually born.

This fair called ‘Città Slow, Città dei Sapori, Città d´Arte’ will take place from 30th May to 2nd June.
A fair that once again shows how these small towns still have their own cultural identity and above all how they still support their fabulous historic patrimony.
Pictures here on Flickr.
By the way, if you want to play it risky you can have your culatello snack in a balloon or helicopter ready to take off!

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