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Night skiing in Italy: snow shoeing in Emilia Romagna

You can do your last skiing in Italy this month and a particularly spectacular way of finishing the ski season is with a snow shoeing expedition by night.
At Comprensorio del Corno alle Scale a ‘ciaspolata‘ expedition by the light of the full moon is being organised for March 28.

The event starts in the last light of day at 6pm and finishes at night in a mountain refuge hut where you can keep warm and enjoy the camaraderie after a long hike.

The expedition is accompanied by a national parks guide for the Parco del Corno alle Scale, and the hike goes to the Rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi.

It’s the oldest hut in the Emilia Romagna appenines and looks over the beautiful panorama of Lake Scaffaiolo at 1,817 metres.
According to local folklore, throwing a stone into the lake creates an immediate storm.

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