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The Surgeon's House in Rimini

If you are interested in ancient history and have a penchant for science you must visit this domus or house which was accidentally uncovered in 1989 by a group of workmen who were restoring Piazza Ferrari in Rimini.
This well-preserved domus was built in the 2nd century AD and belonged to a Greek surgeon called Eutyches who probably operated on poor soldiers injured while fighting in this or that war.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see an impressive display of 150 surgical instruments and tools from ancient times.
One of the most complete collections ever discovered.
The split level house also features a series of amazing mosaics and frescoes and it’s a miracle they survived the awful fire that destroyed the whole house around the 3rd century when the barbarians began to overrun the land and the Roman Empire started to fall apart.

The whole area will soon turn into a museum in the open; at the moment many findings from the archaeological site are on display at the local museum.
Surgeon’s house photo Comune di Rimini

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