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Introducing Italy's first pasta with chicken: easy pasta dish

We’ve seen many types of pasta in Italy and even discussed the fact that Italians will never put pasta with chicken.
But here is the first case we’ve seen of the chickenpasta combination and it comes direct from our friends at Gustoblog.

For this easy pasta dish you’ll need: 200 grams of bucatini pasta (like spaghetti but like a cylinder with a long hole in the middle), 100 g of chicken breast fillet, some fresh tomatoes, some sun-dried tomatoes, chopped garlic, half a chopped onion, salt, olive oil, four tablespoons of tomato paste, and 100 ml of broth (optional).

Cook the pasta as you would normally in salty, boiling water, and in a non-stick pan prepare the sauce, starting with the garlic and onion in some olive oil.
When it’s browned, add the chopped chicken breast, then add the dried tomatoes and the tomato paste.
Mix and then after a couple of minutes add 100 ml of water or the broth, and leave to cook to reduce the sauce.
Drain the pasta, toss it through the pan with the sauce and add the fresh tomatoes as decoration.

If you prefer your tomatoes cooked, add them with the chicken at the beginning of preparing the sauce.
If you add them towards the end, they will heat through slightly, but keep their freshness.
Cherry tomatoes work particularly well.

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