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International Day of Italian cuisine: celebrating homemade pesto sauce

Today is the fourth annual International Day for Italian Cuisine and this year’s focus is the regional Italian cuisine dish of pesto from Liguria.
Genoa is the home of Italy’s famous pesto sauce and this edition follows the previous celebration of local Italian products and cuisine after carbonara pasta sauce, Milanese saffron risotto and Bologna’s old favourite tagliatelle with rag├╣ were showcased in previous years.

We already published our traditional homemade pesto sauce and when done well, with fresh, Ligurian basil, it’s a delight.
The international day and its pesto sauce making worldwide competition stipulates that chefs must use Ligurian basil, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, Pecorino cheese and sea salt.

The day ultimately aims to help protect Italian traditional cooking and ingredients, which are often subject to imitations that attempt to cash in on the industry and tradition.
While there is obviously a business case to be made in protecting the Italian culinary industry, the country is also concerned about protecting its cultural heritage.
Look out for some traditional pesto dishes in your local restaurants today!

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