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Italian summer recipes: cold pasta with broccoli

25 April, 2020
If you’re looking for a quick recipe for your evening meal, this Italian recipe for cold pasta is what you need.Ingredients: 180 g pasta; boiled carots; broccoli; pesto sauce; tuna fish; two tablespoons extra virgin oil; salt .Preparation: cook the…

Where to eat crepes in Italy: Camogli, Genoa

21 April, 2020
Italy’s Liguria region has an amazingly rich culinary tradition and if you’re looking for a great Italian crepe, then you can find it in Camogli, a town on the Italian ligurian riviera of Levante.While you may not associate crepes with…

Italian recipes: rocket-pesto sauce

13 April, 2020
Inspired by the traditional pesto recipe from Genoa, this spread made with rocket is a delicious soft paste that can be spread on bread or used as a sauce for pasta dishes!Here are the ingredients: 100 g rocket leaves; ½…

Easy Italian recipes: pesto meatballs

11 April, 2020
Italy’s classic meatballs are very tasty and you don’t always have to have them with spaghetti. Today we look at a variation on the Italian recipe, adding some pesto which will overwhelm anything else you put in your meatballs. But…

Italian recipes: pasta with pesto and octopus

7 April, 2020
Here’s another fantastic recipe that’s quick and great for summer eating, pasta with pesto and octopus.Ingredients: octopus, basil, pine nuts, garlic, extravirgin olive oil, pasta - best if it’s “trofie di Recco” from Liguria, but you should look for fresh…

May: pesto season in Liguria

22 March, 2020
In Italy, especially on certain days of the week in towns throughout the country, you can find markets which sell fresh and local produce and they’re really great places to shop. You can mix it with the oldies who’ve been…