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Where to eat crepes in Italy: Camogli, Genoa

Italy’s Liguria region has an amazingly rich culinary tradition and if you’re looking for a great Italian crepe, then you can find it in Camogli, a town on the Italian ligurian riviera of Levante.
While you may not associate crepes with Italy, Liguria already has a traditional focaccia heritage and here, the owner of the Creperie Bretonne, Daniela, will advise you on the best combinations of ingredients.

The secret to this creperie is the traditional galettes bretoni – French crepes with butter, cheese and eggs.
Here it takes on a mediterranean style with Italian ingredients, including vegetables, prosciutto, pesto and even anchovies.
For sweet crepes, the quality is still excellent, with some of the best being done with butter and sugar, dark chocolate or of course, nutella.

You will find the Creperie Bretonne in Camogli at via Garibaldi 162.
For telephone enquiries: 0185 775017.

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