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What Is Upcycling and How Is It Different from Recycling?

20 November, 2019
In a world where we generate more and more waste and have fewer and fewer resources available, it is essential to encourage material recycling to contribute to a sustainable environment. In this regard, the term upcycling has recently spread. This…

How To Recycle Old Clothing (Without Taking It to Landfill)

22 October, 2019
As a consequence of fast fashion, people in developed countries buy more and more new clothes. Surveys have shown that people buy around 60% more clothing items every year. This means that the textile waste is increasing year by year…

Recycling in the Wrong Way: Common Mistakes to Avoid

5 October, 2019
Recycling is essential since we need to reutilize primary raw material and save energy, both limited and nonrenewable resources. Moreover, recycling is important also because many landfills are already full of waste which release chemicals and greenhouse gasses, thus harming…