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Give Thanks to the Earth With a Sustainable Thanksgiving Day

28 November, 2019
Traditionally, during Thanksgiving Day, celebration and reflection are two essential topics to share with your relatives and friends. In accordance with modern times, when your arrange your party, remember Earth protection and protests. As a result, sustainability has absolutely to…

Here Are Some Smart Tips for a More Environment Friendly Workplace

21 November, 2019
Sustainability‐related issues have been discussed for many years and this term has received increased attention in research since the mid‐1990s. For this reason, it is important to spread the "green philosophy" as much as we can. This means, for example,…

How to Save Energy When Using Your Computer: Tips and Tricks

19 October, 2019
Reducing the consumption of electricity is important, not only to save on bills but also to respect the environment. This means that we can all contribute to this noble cause by avoiding waste, which daily involves our appliances, the lights…
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