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Strange but true in italy

Taxi driver returns $21,000 US to Italian tourist

20 April, 2020
An Italian tourist who lost about $21,000 USD in Euro cash, thousands more in expensive jewellery and some passports has just had a lucky break from a Bangladeshi taxi driver in New York. The cabbie found the money and jewellery…

Photoshop disasters: Silvio Berlusconi

19 April, 2020
Silvio Berlusconi’s very large crowd and flag waving devotees has had the photoshop treatment in this picture spread, and when you start to look closely, you see things everywhere that don’t look quite right. This time, though, Berlusconi himself is…

Church for sale in Milan

15 April, 2020
Italy is full of churches but it’s quite rare to see one up for sale. But the guys at 02blog.it have managed to snap this pic of a church for sale in Milan’s Udine district, near Lambrate. We’ve got no…

Julian Assange from Wikileaks in Italian Christmas nativity scenes

10 April, 2020
We’ve already talked of Italy’s famous nativity scenes, especially from Naples and the via S.Gregorio Armeno. The “presepe” (nativity scenes) workshops along this street are renowned for making famous figures as part of the scene, with previous appearances from Barak…

Milan invaded by bees: six hours to free a Vespa

10 April, 2020
In a hilarious play on words, Milan was yesterday invaded by bees, with a bunch of them settling on a Vespa scooter in Piazza San Babila. The word for bee in Italian - “ape” - is also used for the…

Youths crash hired Ferrari into a light pole

2 April, 2020
A couple of young Italians managed to crash a Ferrari F430 which they had only hired a few hours before, as a rather attention seeking way to go to a party.Apparently the young guns weren’t hurt in the crash, although…

Is Paul the octopus Italian?

29 March, 2020
Could it be that the famous football predicting octupus Paul, is actually a Paolo? The famous octopus has been predicting football results for a while now, although his biggest success has been the 2010 World Cup where his predictions during…

Italian boy of four calls police over dummy

28 March, 2020
There are many jokes about Italian carabinieri, but this bizarre situation with the Italian police actually happened. In a strange but true story, the mother of four-year-old Marco was concerned that her son, still using his dummy, should grow up…

Manhole thief arrested in Rome

21 March, 2020
A 28-year-old Italian has been arrested for manhole cover theft in Rome, after residents from via Giudo Miglioli in Villa Bonelli called the carabinieri. On the arrest, police discovered another 141 drain and sewerage covers stored in the man’s garage.The…