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Photoshop disasters: Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi’s very large crowd and flag waving devotees has had the photoshop treatment in this picture spread, and when you start to look closely, you see things everywhere that don’t look quite right.
This time, though, Berlusconi himself is not guilty of the gaffe, but whoever has put together the “Noi amiamo Silvio” or “We love Silvio” book of photographs of the most important moments in Berlusconi’s political career.

We wonder if they have one of the duomo-in-the-face incident… Probably not.
From here, I’ll refer you to some of the very funny comments on PhotoshopDisasters.
Like: “wtf is that in his right hand? Cut-out-flowers?” You can accuse Berlusconi of many things, but his self promotion is often a bit more sophisticated than this.

Silvio Berlusconi photoshop disaster

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