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T-Max Protex 01, 290 Km/h missile

8 April, 2020
As promised by our Italian colleagues, here is a truly special and unique T-Max.This is the T-Max Protex 01, manufactured by Fuorigirimoto. The look is that of the Japanese Maxiscooter, while the performance is of a twin-cyclinder bike. The T-Max…

New Polini products at Intermot 2008

1 April, 2020
At the Intermot Show 2008 in Cologne the Italian Polini racing factory is presenting some novelties. The event takes place in the German city Cologne from October 8th until 12th. The racing factory from the North Italian town of Bergamo…

Yamaha T-Max 500 2009: yellow is always cool

28 March, 2020
It seems only yesterday that Yamaha presented its first maxi-scooter which signalled a shift in the European scooter market. And yet eight years have passed, with the debut having occurred back in July 2000.This is much more than a simple…

Honda prepares anti T-Max maxi scooter for Milan show

22 March, 2020
According to the Spanish magazine, Solomoto30, Honda has a big surprise in store for the Eicma show in Milan, starting next week on November 4.The interesting news is that we could see a new maxi-scooter appear, providing some competition to…

2010 Yamaha T-Max in white

14 March, 2020
The Yamaha T-Max is turning ten and Yamaha has created a T-Max 500 White for 2010 to honour the occasion. The maxi-scooter was a revolution for touring scooters in the two-wheel world, combining a mix of technology and comfort that…