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Kim Jong-un would have died of a cardiac arrest: the indiscretion

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is reported dead, sources from China and Russia report.

Kim Jong-un would have died
Kim Jong-un would have died

According to an indiscretion citing sources in Moscow and Beijing, Kim Jong-un died of a cardiac arrest. In recent days, it had been reported that he had undergone a very delicate surgery.

Kim Jong-un dead: the indiscretion

The news, also relaunched by some American media including the CNN, has not yet found official confirmation. On the contrary, US President Donald Trump has called it fake news, accusing the newspaper of misconduct. “I believe that the indiscretions about Kim Jong-un’s health are a fake report made by the CNN,” he wrote on his Twitter account. With him also Beijing, Seoul and Pyongyang who had denied the news of the death. Yet many people have suspicions about his health.

The leader of North Korea has not appeared for months in official photos and especially on April 15, 2020 he had not taken part in the most important party in his country. That is, the Day of the Sun, the one that celebrates the birthday of the founder and first president of the state, grandfather Kim Jong-il.

If the news is confirmed, the power will pass to the sister. Kim Jong-un would not have a successor because his eldest son was no more than ten years old and his brother was killed in 2017. The only viable option would therefore seem to be that of his younger sister Kim Yo Jong, who in recent years has acquired more and more power and visibility.

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