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George Floyd, who was the man died after US police pin him to ground

Four police officiers fired after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis: who was the man died after being pinned down by a white officer.

George Floyd

The video of the African-American George Floyd being stopped by the police is being smothered by an officer who held his knee on his neck. Urgently transported to the hospital by the health workers, the man died shortly after arriving at the facility.

George Floyd, who was the the man died

Local reporters interviewed several people with ties to George Floyd, this is the name of the victim, all shocked by what happened. Jovanni Thunstrom, the landlord who had hired him as a bouncer in his restaurant five years earlier, referred to him as a friend, stating that “no one could say anything negative about him. He never caused a fight or was rude to people.”

The brothers described him as a person who would never hurt anyone. In particular, Rodney Floyd has stated that he does not believe that he was resisting arrest and denounced that what happened is only attributable to the color of his skin. “The nation has seen and every black person has seen the same thing, because it doesn’t happen to anyone else,” he said.

The affair

Police stopped George at 3700 Chicago Avenue South of Minneapolis after a call about allegedly forgery of a document or check. According to the officers, he was under the effects of alcohol and drugs inside a car and would resist when they asked him to get out. Once immobilized, however, one of them began to press his knee his neck until he suffocated.

All this, clearly witnessed by a video recorded by a passer-by, while the man repeatedly complained that he could not breathe. Despite the shooting, the official police version was that “when the officers managed to put handcuffs on him they realized he was having a medical problem.”

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