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How do i sell my online business?

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How much is your online business worth?
Before you list your online business for sale, you should be aware of how much it is worth in the first place. How do you measure that? One way is to find out your average number of unique visitors on a daily basis.

You can easily obtain this information from your website analytics. The more popular your site is, the higher its perceived value. If you are selling something on your site, how much worth of sales do you achieve every month? When you know your figures, you then know what to sell your business for.

How to market your online business
The next step lies in how to market your business. Many sellers do this by listing their businesses on business for sale auction sites. This allows you to sell your online business to the highest bidder. Another way is to announce your sale on a popular forum and wait for potential buyers to contact you. If yours is a consistent earner, you should receive a number of offers. You may even want to contact potential webmasters who are in the same business as you to see if they may be interested in buying your business. Owners who are skilled in the same area may be able to offer you better prices.
Selling your online businesses as a lucrative earner
Having made a sale once, you may start to consider this as a lucrative opportunity. If so, go on and repeat the process. First, you create a site within a subject area that has a good market appeal. Next, you promote the site. When you begin to attract a healthy traffic and or notice consistent sales, it may be time for you to sell your online business once again. Unless of course, you decide to keep it as one of your regular earners. In other words, keep this income stream earning for you for as long as your interest warrants in the particular subject area that you are dealing with, within that business.

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