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Review: halifax car insurance uk

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Car insurance products sold by Halifax
Halifax sells third party fire and theft, comprehensive and third party life insurance policies. The comprehensive policy will cover a vehicle for accidents, fire, theft and legal liability.
Positive points
Halifax provides consumers with a comprehensive policy that has several useful extra features. Halifax guarantees all the repairs that are done on a vehicle during a claim for three years. The company also gives their customers access to a 24 hour phone line for emergencies and windscreen repairs.

Policy holders also have access to a courtesy car during a claim. This is especially useful when the customer has to send in their car for repairs after an accident.

One of the most impressive features of the Halifax comprehensive car policy is that the vehicle is covered when the customer is on holiday in the European Union. This is a feature that most insurance companies in the UK do not offer their customers.
Negative points
Unfortunately all of the features offered to customers in a comprehensive policy come at a cost. The most common complaint about Halifax policies is that their car insurance is too expensive.

Some customers may have received a reasonable quote when they first signed up with Halifax. However these customers will not be happy when they get a policy renewal. Many Halifax customers have stated that their renewal price is far more expensive than the premiums they paid in the previous year. This cannot be blamed on Halifax entirely as insurance prices do rise every year due to inflation and the amount of claims that were made the previous year. Generally this price rise will be so minimal that customers will not notice it. Unfortunately this is not the case with Halifax.

This insurance is best suited for people who want to pay for all the extra features on the policy. People who have an inexpensive vehicle will be better off going with a cheaper insurance company.

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