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Enzyte: Male Enhancement

© Alexandr Shebanov Mountain of medical tablets
© Alexandr Shebanov

The company Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals has been under scrutiny because of effectiveness or lack thereof. And because Enzyte is an herbal medication it is not approved by the FDA. Now in March 2006 literally thousands of Enzyte buyers complained to the Better Business Bureau that the drug was not working as stated. This caused a big bust of the company where Federal Agents gathered information that resulted in 112 counts of criminal charges. The company and its founder were all charged and the company eventually went bankrupt.

So long story short gentlemen – if it is too good to be true it probably is. So sitting up late looking at infomercials or checking the ads in magazine you should think twice before placing that order. From what I gather Enzyte does not work. It is not recommended. I have not found one positive reputable review outside of testimonials on the website.

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