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Can you get too much sleep?

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Reasons for sleeping too much
There are a number of possible explanations for such exhaustion, some physical and some mental. Although it might not seem serious, extreme tiredness can be a symptom of something else. So, it is well worth visiting a doctor. Sleep trouble is very common and affects most people at some point of their lives. Unfortunately, sleeping problems and even sleeping disorders can be prolonged for months or even years.

Recommended hours of sleep

The recommended hours of sleep for an adult varies, depending on sources. However, the optimum amount is between six and eight hours. Some people will need more than others. However, if one notices that he is sleeping a lot more than usual or feeling tired constantly, he needs to see a doctor.

Sleeping all the time, being unable to sleep at night and sleeping in the daytime or needing extra hours in bed could be problems which require sleep disorder treatment. However, there are other reasons for a change in sleeping habits.



Extreme tiredness could be caused by stress, anxiety or depression or could be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome. A blood test will show if a sufferer could be anaemic (deficient in iron) or have an underactive thyroid.


Needing more sleep than usual could also be a symptom of diabetes or food intolerance. It is common in people who are underweight and overweight, as the body needs to work harder to complete everyday tasks.


Drinking alcohol and other aspects of one’s lifestyle can affect how much sleep the individual needs and how tired one feels.
Treatment and tips
Treatment depends on the root of the problem. If it turns out that one has diabetes or a thyroid problem, his doctor will advise him on how to control his tiredness.


Often, extreme tiredness and fatigue are the result of a stressful lifestyle, a change in mood, depression or connected with an unbalanced diet. To sleep well, one must live well. Once a good sleeping pattern is established, a person will find that he/she has more energy during the daytime. A healthy diet is vital. So, one should make sure his/her diet is balanced and he/she gets enough nutrients from different food groups.

Relaxation techniques can work wonders. One can try yoga or deep breathing, sleep well and try to wake up early.

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