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Quit from smoking by choosing a healthy life

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Quitting from cigarette smoking can be truly upsetting and can even tarnish one’s self-esteem. Do not put your hopes down because there is a way to do it.

Smoking aids

One of the ways to quit from smoking is the use of smoking aids such as nicotine patches and gums. These aids can be useful. However, they may not totally help a person to quit from smoking since they only provide a temporary relief.

Hence, a smoker may stop but only to a certain extent, and then smokes again. This is not quitting but "taking a break" from all the harmful effects and dangers of smoking.


A better and more natural way to do this is to indulge in activities that promote good health. Think of a sports or a skill you have long wished to pursue or improve. It can be from a simple music lesson, cooking, or crafts to a more rigorous tae bo, yoga, pilates, or workouts. Sometimes, all it takes is a well-spent time for a short respite to cope up and break away from stress.

Removing stress

One of the main reasons why a person smokes is to relieve oneself from tension and worries caught up at work and at home. Now will be the perfect time to do it. Make an effort to set a day and go for it. While you are into it, you could also ask your friends to join along with you. In this way, you are making yourself physically fit and you are helping out others to do the same.

Final word

Moreover, you get to bond with old chums or meet new friends who share the same interests as yours. As you gain more, life becomes a lot easier to deal with. Once you have learned to care for your body, you will not opt to ruining it again with a habit which you knew right from the start is never conducive to health.

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