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Planning a cheese and wine night

© _gee_ (Flickr) cheeses
© _gee_ (Flickr)

Planning a night can be hard

The main problem that you will have is choosing the different types of cheese and wine you’ll want to include. There are just so many different types of cheeses and wines that you need to choose from. However, this is the whole point of the night. You can get something different for your friends to try. So what options do you have when it comes to cheeses?

Limit your washing up

You’ll need cheeses that are easy to pick up and eat unless you’re including crackers. The best way to do a cheese and wine night is to limit your washing up by having paper plates or just napkins to place the different types of cheeses on. This can limit some of the cheeses that you have; you’ll need to stay away from cream cheeses or products like cottage cheese.

The cheeses to choose

There are cheeses from all over the world, such as Danish Blue Cheese from Denmark and Amster Dammer from Canada. There are some that are far too strong and mature for some people so you’ll need a fine balance of cheeses when it comes to the strength of the smell and taste. Try to stick with some that are common for most homes, including Cheddar and Swiss cheese.

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