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Mouthwash can kill Covid, according to research

The research conducted by Cardiff University showed how mouthwash can kill Covid in laboratory.


Scientific research found mouthwash can kill Covid within 30 seconds. Cardiff University conducted a study on whether mouthwash can help to kill covid inside patient’s saliva and the results were rather promising. Clinical trials showed that mouthwashes containing at least 0.07 per cent cetyl pyridinium chloride (CPC) had “promising signs” of combatting the virus.

Mouthwash can kill Covid

UK mouthwash brand Dentyl also took part in the 12-week clinical trial, titled “The measurement of mouthwash anti-viral activity against Covid-19” and conducted by Professor David Thomas.

Professor Thomas confirmed mouthwash was able to kill the virus in the laboratory and the results were promising, although a further study – on a much larger scale- will be needed to comprehend whether mouthwash can kill the virus inside patients. He affirmed: “Whilst these mouthwashes very effectively eradicate the virus in the laboratory, we need to see if they work in patients and this is the point of our ongoing clinical study. It is important to point out the study won’t give us any direct evidence on viral transmission between patients, that would require a different type of study on a much larger scale… The ongoing clinical study will, however, show us how long any effects last, following a single administration of the mouthwash in patients with Covid-19.”

The research is set to continue the clinical trials in early 2021. Specialist periodontologist Nick Claydon also confirmed the study conducted by Cardiff University is “very valuable”, as it would imply that over-the-counter mouthwashes like Dentyl could become an essential part of people’s routine in the fight against Covid, along with handwashing, social distancing and face covering.


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