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Italian comic books: "Sirbo e is seti fradis"

Sirbo e is seti fridas is a comic book written by Eleonora Carboni and drawn by Andrea Mureddu; it’s quite interesting and may help you get acquainted with Sardinia and its culture and language.
The story revolves around a sweet family of wild boars (sirbonedhus) that are looking for the biggest acorn in the world; helped and encouraged by their mum Cicita who wears the typical apron Sardinian housewives usually don, the little boars embark on a series of adventures that will delight you.

Other funny and endearing characters are Mr Poricu, the teacher (a Sardinian donkey ), Sirbo, the turtle who works as a lifeguard at the beach and a flock of thrushes who play Morra from dawn to sunset and wear the berrita, a typical Sardinian hat.

Well, if you think Sardinian is a bit too difficult for you, don’t worry the book is also available in Italian.
Price: 12.
00 eurosSardinian comic book

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