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Italian pasta recipes: spaghetti with anchovy

Here’s a delicious recipe really perfect for a summer meal: pasta with anchovy.
This time there’s no need to add salt to this dish, since the anchovies are so salty!Ingredient: 500 g spaghetti; 100 g salted anchovies t; 100 g breadcrumb; 2 garlic cloves; parsley; pepper.

Wash the salted anchovies under cold water, remove the spine and chop .

In the meanwhile cook the spaghetti in salted water and brown the garlic in a little oil (don’t forget to add the parsley).
Next remove the two garlic cloves and throw in the anchovies.

In order to melt the anchovies add a bit of the reserved pasta water and stir for a while.
Pour the anchovy sauce over the spaghetti and then as a final touch add the toasted breadcrumbs.

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