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Mediterranean diet: healthy Italian cuisine makes you live longer

Now that we’ve arrived at mid-week the diet you were sticking to has probably lost its grip, especially as the weekend slowly comes around.
Unfortunately, though, the word diet often means any way, healthy or not, to lose weight.

When we talk about the mediterranean diet, however, we’re talking about healthy mediterranean cuisine that helps you live better and longer.

The positive things about mediterranean cuisine are often taken for granted or misunderstood.
In Italy, the national cuisine is increasingly changing, involving more fatty foods, while some areas are still keeping to traditions.

The mediterranean diet should involve using lots of olive oil, bread, fruit, vegetables, fish and complex carbohydrates, with less of meat, cheese and milk products.
A study recently published by the British Medical Journal and conducted by specialists at the University of Florence, reveals that the more you eat the fundamentals of the mediterranean diet, the healthier you are in terms of cardovascular system, life expectancy and diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers.
So the next time someone tries to tell you that Italian cuisine is all about pizza and pasta, know that there is plenty of variety and healthy options in the mediterranean diet.

Which means that we will live longer and hopefully happier lives.

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