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Real Italian pizza toppings: it's a regional thing

As you may guess from Italy’s classic “Margherita” pizza with tomato, cheese and oregano (or basil), supreme and Hawaiian pizza varieties do not exist on native soil.
Neither does cabanossi o pepperoni, and while Italians are getting more adventurous with their pizza, (try gorgonzola with pear, for example), there are a few traditional pizza toppings you should try when in Italy.

The margherita pizza may be boring, but it is one of the few I can actually finish when doing the Italian thing and ordering a pizza per person.
The classic marinara is also on the slim side of pizza offerings, with tomato, mozzarella, garlic and sometimes a drizzling of olive oil.

Pizza al prosciutto is ham pizza and you can choose either “prosciutto cotto” (leg ham), or “prosciutto crudo” which is parma ham.
This can be quite salty, so you’ll want some water on the table.
Another very salty option, but one which you’ll find has only the most dedicated fans is pizza alla napoletana (or romana).
This has the classic tomato and cheese base, but with anchovies.

The closest you’ll get to a supreme is the “capricciosa” meaning “capricious” or undecided.
Please note that this does NOT have peppers on the top, but you do get ham, mushrooms, and artichokes.
The “quattro stagioni” or four seasons is the same sort of thing, but divided so that each quarter of your pizza houses one of the flavours.

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