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Ducati Diavel sales motorcycle markets

Ducati is reporting that after five months of sales the Ducati Diavel can be declared a modest success.
Focusing on its originality, charisma and exclusive technology, Ducati reports that the Diavel has sold more than 5,000 models around the world.

We’re not sure how they’re all divvied up, but in its home market, there have been 672 Diavels sold in Italy.

We don’t exactly call that a raging success, but then we’ve not got other statistics to work with.
In any case, it’s in 19th place of Italy’s most sold motorcycles.

Around the world, the biggest markets for the Diavel are Asia-Pacific and then the USA, where Ducati had originally expected the cruiser to appeal the most.
While Ducati says that the Diavel has strong sales on the European motorcycle market, it would seem that it is the Ducati that least appeals to European motorcycle tastes.
That proves that Ducati set out to design the Diavel in order for it to appeal to different markets, but the question as to whether we should consider it a “real” Ducati probably still remains with many.

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