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Rooke Customs by Jesse Rooke

Here is a nice photo gallery of some special bikes built by Rooke Customs, all of which were created by the inspiration of Mr.
Jesse Rooke.
For those who do not know, Jesse Rooke is an American customizer who is a little special: his career basically begun when he still was a little child as he was competing with BMXs, dirt bikes and skateboards.

He’s even been a baby-wrestling champion.
A bad motorcycle accident forced him to three years of semi-paralysis which did not allow him to walk for about two years.
It was during this period of forced inactivity that he started toying with the idea of entering into the racing world, and so he began to design and build prototypes for Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki.

As we said, Jesse Rooke is of a special kind: in the wake of the experience with prototypes, he then embarked on a new challenge.
He saw a Jesse James show on Discovery Channel and decided to devote himself to the creation of ‘tailor-made’ custom bikes.
That was the beginning of his real career, and also the birth of Rooke Costoms.

Since then, Mr.
Rooke has received a number of awards.
Each motorcycle that comes out of Rooke Customs is a one-of-a-kind model, and its production is very much appreciated by the American fans who do not hesitate to spend big money get their own bespoke motorcycle.
And then the company released his own merchandise: through its official website it is possible to buy t-shirts, posters, caps and more.
Rooke Customs can create any sort of motorcycle, and they work with cars too.
Obviously, anything that comes out of their workshop is an absolutely valuable pieces, made ​​with the finest materials and therefore pretty expensive as well, but just imagine yourself riding one of these beauties.

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