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Naomi Letizia, the girl who put Silvio Berlusconi's wife out of humour

The open letter that Veronica Lario, Silvio Berluscon’s wife wrote and published in an important newspaper, is causing quite a stir here in Italy.
The Italian first lady not only commented Berlusconi’s choice of candidates for the upcoming European Union election, but she also harshly criticised her husband’s penchant for pretty young girls.

She was quite annoyed by the fact he was seen at a birthday party in Naples for a pretty 18-year-old.
It goes without saying that these remarks stirred speculations over the identity of the girl.
Well the mystery has already been solved, the girl is Naomi Letizia, the daughter of a civil servant who, besides working for the government, also owns a perfumery in Naples.

In an interview granted to Il Corriere, Naomi, now a graphics student with “artistic aspirations“ (she also works for Rete A Channel), told that she met the Prime Minister when he was just a supporter of the Socialist Party.
She has always looked upon him as a second father.
Silvio Berlusconi, according to the girl, has over the years presented her with lovely gifts such as Mariano Apicella’s albums and biographies inscribed in Berlusconi’s hand.

The most valuable gift? A golden necklace he gave her for her 18th birthday! Good for her!

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