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Elisabetta Canalis Venice fashion faux pas in recycled Roberto Cavalli dress

Deary me…! Hot gossip diva Elisabetta Canalis was the Venice Film Festival’s most anticipated arrival, but will appearing on the arm of George Clooney be enough to save her from international fashion banishment? The stunning Roberto Cavalli gown worn by Canalis had already been seen five months ago at the Cannes Film Festival, and you’d expect Miss Canalis would have the sense to wear something totally new, possibly even shocking.

And what’s more, internet votes as to who looks best are going to Shu Qui for her elegance and poise in wearing the dress.
Note to all of us ladies: just because you have a tan, doesn’t give you added points in the stunning department.

Canalis also has the unfortunate stain of a tattoo on her upper arm which means it will be a long haul from trashy to classy for the Italian show girl.
Then, if the label fits…Shu Qui vs Canalis in Cavalli dress

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