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Adventure sports in Italy: white water rafting and kayaking at Marmore Falls

Only the Italians could be this chaotic and have this much fun on a white water rafting mission (frankly the diving at the end of the video looks far more dangerous than anything else).
You can do the adventure sport of rafting at the Marmore Falls in Italy, not far from Rome and near to some of Umbria’s attractions such as San Gemini, Spoleto and Narni.

The falls are on the Nera river, with the flow down the valley and the rafting activity is managed by Rafting Marmore.
You can find information on their site for a day of white water rafting with one descent costing 30 euros, or 45 euros for hydrospeed (including taxes and insurance).
If you want to do a rafting course, prices start at 100 euros with various itineraries which you can view on their site.
If you want to do something less adrenalin-pumped in this area, there’s always the donkey tour… See our link for more adventure sports in Italy.

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