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Adventure sports italy

Go-karting on ice in Italy

13 April, 2020
All this talk of snow shoeing in Italy might be a little tame for your tastes of extreme winter sport fun, in which case you can try go-karting on ice. In the Italian province of Trentino you will find Ice-kart…

Hiking in Italy with Vibram soles

5 April, 2020
I have a pair of Vibram soles on my walking boots and so I can attest to their sturdiness. When I bought them, a long way from Italy, I didn’t know they were Italian until their arrival in Italy when…

Adventure sports in Italy: canyoning in Sicily

31 March, 2020
Italy may not be the most likely destination for an adventure sports holiday, but it has some excellent options and could be great for people wanting to combine culture and sport in their travels. A nice glass of red wine…

Adventure sports in Italy: trekking in Piedmont

18 March, 2020
There is an adventure sport in Italy which is a mix between trekking, climbing and caving. Called “ferrate” the sport involves walking through rocky mountainous areas where some equipment and support is required to negotiate the sometimes perilous rocky outcrops.…

Hang gliding and adventure sports in Italy

16 March, 2020
The Monte Grappa site has helpful information about adventure sports in Italy in the area, especially hang gliding and para gliding. After Italy’s success at the world hang gliding championships, with Alex Ploner from Bolzano coming first, it seems like…