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Adventure sports in Italy: trekking in Piedmont

There is an adventure sport in Italy which is a mix between trekking, climbing and caving.
Called “ferrate” the sport involves walking through rocky mountainous areas where some equipment and support is required to negotiate the sometimes perilous rocky outcrops.

In the video below our friends Miki and Dani find themselves trekking through the province of Turin, between Bussoleno and Susa in the Orsiera national park.

Mountain guides AltoX can help you explore the region, and this particular “ferrata” which can be completed in an hour and a half.

Italy has some truly beautiful landscapes and plenty of opportunities to enjoy them, so if you’re planning a summer holiday for next year, you could do worse than trying some trekking or other adventure sports.
See the blog from Marco and Cinzia for more photos.
Video from DanieMiki.

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