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Trekking in italy

Sailing and hiking at Italy's Lake Garda

19 April, 2020
Italy’s Lake Garda is an impressive expanse of water, with its southern end similar to a wide flat lake, while the northern tip resembles more an alpine lake, with darker blue waters.It is truly beautiful and worth a visit especially…

Pantelleria Island in Sicily: perfect summer holiday in Italy

11 April, 2020
Pantelleria Island in Sicily is famous for its sweet Italian wine, natural beauty and stunning landscapes. To plan your summer holiday, see the Pantelleria Island site for information on Pantelleria Island hotels, resorts, house stays and tourist facilities.The site includes…

Trekking in Italy: Alto Adige canyon

9 April, 2020
This beautiful photo is of one of Italy’s UNESCO destinations, known as the “Grand Canyon of the Alto Adige” or Gola del Rio delle Foglie-Bletterbach. It is the largest canyon in Alto Adige and can be found at the base…

Cycling and trekking in Sardinia: Badd'e Salighes track

3 April, 2020
According to reports, by the end of 2010, a new cycle and trekking path in Sardinia will be open. The “Alghero” track, Badde ‘e Salighes will be available for cycling, trekking and horse riding activities. It can be reached from…

Adventure sports in Italy: trekking in Piedmont

18 March, 2020
There is an adventure sport in Italy which is a mix between trekking, climbing and caving. Called “ferrate” the sport involves walking through rocky mountainous areas where some equipment and support is required to negotiate the sometimes perilous rocky outcrops.…

Trekking in Italy on the Isle of Elba

14 March, 2020
From April 3 to May 10 on Italy’s Isola d’Elba, the Festival del Camminare will take place; a festival dedicated to trekking on the island that was the first exile for Napoleon, organised by the Arcipelago national park of Tuscany.The…