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Health spas and hiking in Italy: Bagno di Romagna offers cycling tours and massages

The health spa thermal baths at Bagno di Romagna are not experiencing the same economic crisis afflicting the rest of the tourism market, and seeing this photo of the Forlì and Cesena province it’s not hard to imagine why.
These thermal springs enjoy a setting between earth and water, with both winter and summer offerings for sunny or cooler health spa visits.

There are various health spa venues in the Bagno di Romagna town that offer massages, beauty treatments and saunas.
The area is also home to hiking excursions in Italy, cycling and touring the countryside.
The Val di Bagno Trek for example, offers an itinerary of hiking or cycling around the old paths and mule tracks of this area of the Apennine mountains.
You can choose tours on foot, on horseback or by bicycle with over 200 km of stunning landscape to take in.

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